About me

My name's Mathieu Roth

I love solving UIX and interface issues.


Working experience

  • 2013-current | Nitroserv
    Art Director & front-end developper
  • 2006-2013 | Advisa.fr
    Webdesigner to Art Director


Professional skills

  • Design
    Adobe suite (Fireworks, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign…), Cinema4D, AE…
  • Development
    HTML5, CSS3/LESS, PHP, Javascript/JQUERY, Python.
  • Platforms
    Familiar with Bootstrap, WordPress, Xenforo, PhpBB, IPB, Django
  • Currently learning
    Sketch, C# for Unity, and anything to suit your needs 😉


More about me

Fluent in English (speaking, reading, writing), i do write and speak French with perfect grammar (native language) and am an easy and motivated person to work with in a team.
I have majored in graphic design university in France (IUT SRC Mulhouse & EID Toulon, 4 years of studying which could be compared to a Bachelor degree in Graphic Design).
I have a wide range of experiences in the advertisement sphere and have worked a lot lately on front-end development in order to control every aspect of the look and feel of my mockups.

I would love to hear news from you and have a chat together.
Feel free to contact me using the contact form right here !

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